View of Downtown Manhattan

A View of Downtown Manhattan

A friend of mine just bought his first apartment in NYC. This particular panorama was taken from the rooftop of his new building, apparently the tallest building in his neighborhood. He’s clearly a lucky guy.  It was a windy, 25 degree day, so I tried not to rush through processing the shot, but it was tough to feel the buttons on my D800. At the end of the day, I’m happy with how it came out. The lighting was about an hour from being perfect, but I was able to get some nice clouds to liven up the sky. I love a clear, crisp winter day.

The original image came out to be 120″ x 30″ and took about an hour to fuse from the Camera Raw-adjusted NEFs. I considered eliminating the parallax which creates the pincushion-like effect in the image but I decided to keep it, as it guides the eye in an intriguing way.

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