Ice Skating in Bryant Park

Bryant Park Ice-Skating


On Christmas Eve it only seems right to post a photograph of something Christmassy. Despite the fact that I took this photo around Thanksgiving, it captures the holiday spirit quite well. here, in the center of Manhattan, an urban oasis of ice-skating to bring out families, friends, couples and non-couples to partake in one of the best pastimes we have.

The reason I think ice skating is great is because of that constant freckle of fear, that persistent worry that at any moment, you might do something wrong, lose your balance and put your butt-bone straight into the ice. Ouch! For me, this bit of excitement makes it fun, despite looking and feeling like a fool. It’s something I’ll never be great at, but that rush you get gliding at high speed across the ice, gearing for impact with the wall is always a thrill!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Nikon D800, Tokina 11-16mm, f/2.8 AT-X
@ 11mm, f/6.3, 1/80s, ISO 800

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