On the road, to Hana, HI

Road to Hana Jungle BridgeOn the west end of Maui, a road runs nearly a hundred miles, slowly whipping its way through ravines, past waterfalls and over dilapidated bridges. It’s more than a sight to see, it’s an experience to be had. Open the window and let the air flow in. In fact, you may want to cut the top off the car and let it all hang out. But only if you go after noon. This rainforest is lush and wet, dripping healthily with morning dew, absorbing what it can of the torrential downpours which do not come infrequently. If I had my way, my third eye and I would have stopped every 50 feet to snap another landscape feature.

The above picture is taken from the north side of The Road to Hana, just after sunrise and features a bridge barely uncovered by the dense growth that characterizes the north and northwest aspects of the drive.

Nikon D800, AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED
@ 52mm, f/5, 1/25s, ISO 400

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