Escape to Blodgett Creek (Birthday Tribute Post)


A life in flux is an exciting life. But sometimes you just need a breather. Something to put your mind at ease.

In a recent transition, I took three days to celebrate my Grandpa Walt’s birthday in his home in Stevensville, Montana. Regrettably, I had never been to his home there, and not for lack of desire. Well. I was glad I went. I got to see him, spend time with my family and enjoy some of the most beautiful, easily accessible, and pristine wilderness I’ve ever seen.

A short trip up Blodgett Creek Canyon was all I needed to put my mind at ease, to reflect on recent experiences and grow.

And happy birthday to wonderful Grandfather and my buddy Spencer (today)!


Nikon D800, AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED, Hoya HMC NDX400
21 Shot Pano Stitch
@ f/5.6, 1.3s, ISO 100

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