The Beltane Ranch

I feel as though I’ve spent the last month wandering randomly around the states. I have two major things to show for all my wandering. 1) The completion of an intense work schedule. (I’m sure it’ll get better… right?) 2) About 3,000 photographs, 2,000 discarded straight-away, and about 300 more I’d like to eventually share.

Welcome!Though not the beginning of my journey, this series of photos is the start of a much needed two-day kick back, and my first time in California Wine Country. After much deliberation we finally settled on what appeared, through all accounts and photographs, to be the perfect bed and breakfast, at a price I could settle for: The Beltane Ranch. What ensued was all I could have asked for. Following a wet and foggy afternoon of cave-ridden wine tasting, this place was the perfect escape.

Beltane Ranch Main House

Emily and I bought some brie in Sonoma. We couldn’t decide which kind so we got both. And some pepper jelly. And crackers of course. The ranch gave us a nice wooden cheese board, we popped the cork out of a bottle of Alexander Valley Cab and sank in, absorbing the perfectly adorned everything in our corner room [this isn’t a review so I didn’t take a photo]. An hour later we drove the two whole rainy miles into Glen Ellen where we dined on carmelized onion soup, pumpkin raviolis, and boar shank. On a Thursday night in the late fall, it was packed by 8, but we still felt alone and away.

Emily at Beltane Ranch

The next morning we awoke for a slow coffee walk around the ranch, taking in the tennis courts, the horses, cows, tractors, mud, flowers, garden… There was a lot to see before the clouds covered up the blue skies and we returned for breakfast–a goat cheese omelette, fruit and blueberry muffins. This was accompanied with terrific company and conversation. Refreshed, we packed up and, regrettably, got on our way.

Nikon D800, Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Pro AT-X


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