Frosty Forest

My last post emphasized lush late summer nature. That was a while back. I feel guilty for leaving my blog alone for the past months. A lot has changed. That’s evident when you look outside.

Scroll to bottom for lightbox of all images.







4 thoughts on “Frosty Forest

  1. Your frosty forest is magnificent, almost makes one want to be in the winter to see the beauty of it. A small booklet of winter photos would make a great gift. All the best. How is work going? Ed

  2. Your photos are stunning! We’ve been waiting to see shots from your backpacking adventure in the Denali backcountry. Was it as spectacular as we imagine?

    Heidi & Brian (we met at Hoodoo)

    • Hey Heidi,
      It has taken me forever. I am just starting to post. Life took right off as soon as we got home, but I’ve finally found time to get back to work on my photography. I’ll be posting tomorrow at 11:30 EST.
      I do remember meeting you at Hoodoo, what fun times! Hope you are doing well!

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